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Can olive oil really reduce breast cancer? A trial study involving 4282 at risk women due to diabetes or other factors was done with a five year follow-up after a controlled dietary change. One group ate a Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil and the other was on a similar low fat diet without olive oil. Both groups benefited, but the different results revealed that the olive oil group had a 68% lower risk of cancer. This occurred because the extra virgin oil has more polyphenols(micronutrients) and hydroxytyrosol(antioxidants).  JAMA Internal Medicine. 2015 Sep 14.

As a research driven consumer, I personally have enjoyed the Mediterranean diet for a few years now because of the extraordinary protective cardiovascular benefits. So, this anti- breast cancer effect is an added bonus and confirms this diet for longevity. It’s the “First Press Extra Virgin” that is the best oil with extra nutrients. It might be that this diet has more benefits for women according to studies like this. For those of you new to the Mediterranean diet, here is a simple introduction: