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Most of us don’t think of bananas as a health food, but the many benefits may change your mind. Did you know that bananas will protect against stroke and heart attacks, elevate your mood, relieve PMS symptoms, ease ulcers and heartburn, reduce cramps, increase alertness, and even help prevent some cancers.

In the article “25 Powerful reasons to Eat Bananas(1),” the authors outline the many health benefits.

1. Bananas improve your mood due to tryptophan that is converted to serotonin.
2. It builds strong bones as calcium loss is mitigated.
3. It lowers blood pressure and chances of heart attack and stroke due to the high potassium and low salt content.
4. Sustains blood sugar and add energy before a workout.
5. It prevent cramping in workouts and at night.
6. Improve anemia and blood with the iron content in bananas.
7. Reduce PMS symptoms with stress reducing effect.
8. High vitamin B-6 levels protect against diabetes, weight gain, a weakened nervous system.

9. Digestion is aided and toxins are removed from the body due to pectin.
10. Growth of good bacterial in the bowels act as a prebiotic.
11. The fiber content relieves constipation.
12. Electrolytes after diarrhea are replaced.
13. Reduce heartburn and acid reflux from this natural antacid.
14. Relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach.
15. Calcium leads to strong bones and eyes while reducing kidney cancer.
16. Potassium creates alertness and makes you smarter.

17. Bananas antioxidant level is high, good against chronic disease.
18. It reduces nausea and morning sickness.
19. It relieves itching from hives or bug bites when rubbed on skin
20. Control your blood sugar by eating bananas between meals.
21. It can reduce your fever by lowering body temperature.
22. Tryptophan helps ease Seasonal Affective Disorder.
23. B vitamins and potassium reduce withdrawal symptoms.
24. Tape a banana peel on you warts to remove them.
25. Shine you leather shoes with the peel.

This is the most persuading list of reasons to eat bananas I’ve seen. How to mix them into your daily diet is open for creativity. A mixed fruit salad served over greek yogurt has always been one of my favorites. But, I have used bananas to calm my acid stomach for many years because I prefer the natural remedies. I hope you can now view bananas in a new nutritional light and will include more of them in your routine diet. Send me your favorite banana recipes.  L. J. More: www.creativeretirementforwomen.com

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