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Therapist Offers Free Consultation

I am happy to offer free retirement consultation because it is a major life adjustment. Your first lifestyle change is away from work and can take two to three years to get used to. Your second adjustment is ongoing as our bodies continual change with age. The normal aging process changes our eyesight, hearing, taste, physical strength and endurance, hormones, libido, memory, digestion and other system in our bodies. So, expect to go through gradual changes as you age that may require small adjustments.

If you are making a transition from full-time employment to full-time retirement, give yourself time to find your balance. That change is similar to going from 65 mph to 0. Those without a social plan will find it more difficult and longer to adjust. Those without a plan also feel more lost and confused without any direction. This can led to anxiety and depression. So, step one is to write out a detailed social and personal activity plan with as many options as you can think of.

Some people get stuck on this first step because it’s a new exercise and I ask that you do a life review first. Life review is where you look back over your life for all your past interests and life themes(family, artistic, academic, service oriented, etc.). You will look inside yourself to find creative ways to express your personality and your passions. So, a little serious planning at the beginning creates a solid foundation to build upon.

In the process of planning, many doubts and questions naturally arise. That’s when talking to a consultant with over 30 years of therapy experience helps. I’m also in my 7th year of retirement. If dying is on your mind, I’ve worked in hospice and have done bereavement counseling. If you have financial questions, I’ve been a registered rep or stockbroker for 5 years. I was also a life insurance agent and successful real estate investor. If diet and health is an issue, I was an instructor in a weight reduction program. I can enjoy providing free consultation because I get social security and I love working with people–its part of my creative retirement plan to fulfill my passions.

When you purchase the book Creative Retirement for Women, you get automatic access to this program for as long as needed.  You can view some of the questions and answers on the website,  http://www.creativeretirementforwomen.com.  I don’t know of anybody else offering this service. So, let me extend a personal invitation to you because its more than just a book, it’s a supportive relationship for the long term. I hope to speak with you soon.           L. Johnson