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When we talk about life extension, we mean extending your natural biological life to its maximum. We can influence this outcome by the number of healthy behaviors we choose to adapt. Most of us are motivated to improve our quality of life and increase our longevity. We just want these changes to be easy and to flow with our lifestyle.

Life Extension Magazine and Foundation is a good place to start. Its focus is on health research and dietary supplements designed to augment health and long living. In their April 2015 issue(1), they summarize a study reported in the British Medical Journal(2), “Mediterranean Diet Associated With Longer Telomeres.” Telomeres are the caps at the end of your chromosomes that are correlated with the cell’s age and your age as well. If you’re not yet familiar with the Mediterranean Diet, see ‪http://blog.creativeretirementforwomen.com/mediterranean-diet/‬.

The British study began in 1976 with 4,676 middle aged subjects that relied on continual blood samples for measurement. The findings not only showed that this diet can increase your telomeres, but “the strongest association was observed among women.” Although, it is not disclosed why women benefit more, this diet should be a key ingredient of any women’s healthy lifestyle.

The magazine opens with a commentary by Dr. William Faloon who highlights the current health issue of the month. I love his passionate, honest and forthright approach especially as he takes on the FDA for dragging its feet on approving new medications. He is clearly an outspoken advocate for the health and rights of the average person.

General studies on longevity are evaluated as are studies that target specific conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer or aging skin. I have subscribed to the magazine for many years because I appreciate their scientific approach and their ultimate goal of life extension. As a result, recommendations made after a convincing study have caused me to improve my diet or change my behavior.

In conclusion, the easiest way to get started on your life extension is to read good studies. As you evaluate each study for yourself, you can apply what makes the most sense to you. What higher level of excitement is there than to have the ability and control to extend your own life.        L. Johnson.                                                     More: www.creativeretirementforwomen.com
(1) Life Extension Magazine, April 2015 issue, p19.
(2) BMJ.2014;349;g6674
Disclosure: I do not work for or receive any compensation from Life Extension.