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Healthy Magnesium

Healthy Magnesium

The mineral magnesium reduces many conditions like heart and kidney disease, strokes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, type II diabetes, asthma, some cancers, and is correlated with longevity(1). Americans are historically 70% deficient in this mineral that worstens with age.

Life Extension’s recent publication of these findings is embarrassing the medical community who wear blinders. Dr. Faloon draws similarities with the emerging of vitamin D. Both are low cost essential supplements that provide health benefits and have been overlooked by doctors for years.

Magnesium used to be in the water we drink, but bottled and municipal water have stopped that. It is not in the food we eat unless the soil was rich with it. Even then,  studies found that food levels are just too low and unreliable.   The risk of death from any cause is greatly increased with low magnesium levels and creates faster cell aging.

If you’re concerned with cardiovascular disease, results show you are 37% less likely to die of heart attacks when taking magnesium. Calcification or clogging of the arteries was 58% less likely to occur. In another study, men with high levels have less cholesterol and lower blood pressure. They were 41% less likely to have a stroke.

Our kidneys work full time filtering out waste from our blood. If they fail, you will need dialysis the rest of your life. A large study with 13,000 people confirmed that low levels of magnesium correlate with live disease. Results indicated a 58% greater risk of kidney disease with low levels.

Osteoporosis, a concern of aging,  is directly effected since about half of our magnesium is stored in our bones. Calcium and magnesium must be balanced to offset the inflammation to prevent our bones from breaking down. Taking supplements proved to increase bone density including your teeth.

In conclusion, magnesium counters chronic inflammation which contributes to many age related diseases effecting longevity. Since most of us are deficient in this mineral and its low cost, it makes sense to supplement. The government recommended daily amount of magnesium is 420mg for males and 320mg for females. Always consult your doctor as well.

(1) Life Extension Mag 2016 Dec. “The National Magnesium Crisis” No. 12, p.44-51.

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