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Common Regrets When Dying


Top10 Regrets When Dying

1.  I never pursued my dreams and aspirations.
2.  I worked too much and never made time for my family.
3.  I should have made more time for my friends.
4.  I should have said, “I love you’ a lot more”.
5.  I should have spoken my mind instead of holding back and resenting things.
6.  I should have been the bigger person and resolved my problems.
7.  I wish I had children.
8.  I should have saved more money for my retirement.
9.  Not having the courage to live truthfully.

10. Happiness is a Choice, I wish I knew that earlier.

It’s interesting that 9 out of the 10 regrets are personal and social. Only number eight involves money or accumulation of external items. Since no one wants any regrets, this gives us an excellent opportunity to do a little self assessment. We can now anticipate and correct our behaviors to ensure we don’t feel regret in these or any other areas. We know that whatever we may regret now can be reversed. So, never wait to pursue your dreams or develop a deeper bond with important people in your lives.  L. J.   www.creativeretirementforwomen.com