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Common Worries of Women

The common worries of women may be a result of uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck there.  Once you’re aware of the cause of your particular worry, you’re on the path to resolve it. Here are the 7 most common worries(1)and what to do about it.

1. Will I end up alone? The article believes this most common of worries is senseless because we all have friends. Yes, but friends come and go and many women are referring to a partner. Anything you worry about is not senseless to you. Solution: social networking forever.

2. Do I look good? Appearance is always important no matter what stage of life. As we age, it may take a little more effort and we may have to adjust our standard. Solution: Take time to care and love yourself. The goal is not to look young, but to look healthy and fit regardless of age.

3. Will I succeed(in life)? We all have self-doubt at times and I find that some worry is motivational in this area. In the working world, our feeling of success must come from within as with many things. Solution: Don’t compare yourself to others. Set your own goals and focus on internal rewards not external symbols of success. Build your confidence with many small successes.

4. Does he like me? The article claims that if you are not worried about this, then something is wrong with you. I don’t agree that worry is the correct state of mind. This also stems from uncertainty that can be directly addressed. Solution: I believe this starts with liking and loving yourself. Relationships are complex by their nature and ongoing concern is natural. When you address the issues openly in your relationship, worry is replaced with awareness and understanding.

5. Can I afford it? We ask ourselves this most of our lives, even if you have money. That’s because it’s an inescapable reality. You will ask yourself this more often when retired or when on a fixed income. Solution: Learn more about money and investing by taking classes, joining an investment club, reading business sites, and talking to advisors. Be sure you have an eye toward advancement in your career.

6. How much longer(do I tolerate this)? This refers to being unhappy in your current situation. We all feel in a rut at times, but if you’re really unhappy, you probably need to change something. Solution: If it’s a relationship, you open up the problem solving discussion or consider counseling. If its life in general, then you want to re-write you life goals. There is nothing wrong with changing direction in midlife. Follow your passions and what’s right for you.

7. Am I healthy enough? Questioning our health is always a good idea. We tend to ask ourselves this more as we age. We all know that the difficult part is making healthy changes that stick. Solution: Our goal is not to just be on a diet, but to develop a healthy lifestyle that becomes part of our routine. Two other posts address this: How to Eat Less: http://blog.creativeretirementforwomen.com/eat-less/ and Exercises for Women over 50 http://blog.creativeretirementforwomen.com/exercises-for-women-over-50/

In conclusion, I’ll quote Abraham Lincoln “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I do believe that happiness is a mind set, a frame of reference. So, lets set our mind today to smile when we have a worry and laugh when we make a mistake. Maybe we can’t change the past, but we can certainly feel better about it. Carpe Diem.   L. Johnson  of  www.creativeretirementforwomen.com

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