Uncork the Traits (poem)

Uncork the Traits

Absolute vow of head and heart

Crossroads of empathy and science

Bound by the hippocratic oath

Minds of children moulded so early

Care-takers pour a foundation unwitting

With a lingering persistence of unknown fitting

Understand and alter the past

Such an arduous and wishful task

Challenges the wounded’s reality mask

Lose yourself in your client you must

Being lost together is the bond of trust

Pull thee forward and return as one

Travelled have I deep within thee

Returning thou unburdened and emotionally free

Shame and sorrow shall wait till tomorrow

Anticipation and hope we hold dearly

For a positive lasting outcome

Yet subtle and fugitive change is found merely

Making a difference is the reward I reap

Revived many have I, thus my soul can sleep

Uncork the traits and dance the streets

© lee johnson


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